Philippe Gagnon



Philippe Gagnon is a Montreal based director working in both French and English. He has directed twenty four television features in english, including the multi-nominated and award winning The Good Sister, Amber Alert (Canadian Screen Award Nomination for Best Direction ) and First Response (Canadian Screen Award Nomination for Best TV Movie). In French, he has directed three theatrical features ; Premier Juillet (Moving) , Dans une Galaxie Près de chez vous 2 and Le Poil de la bête. He also directed the french tv show Campus (Crave and Vrak) and tv episodes for Jérémie V, Chambre 13, Yamaska and Nos Étés. As an editor, Philippe has cut feature films; Robert Lepage’s Far Side of the Moon, Yan England’s 1:54 and his own Premier Juillet (Moving). He has also cut several short films including the Academy Award Nominated Short Henry. His latest directorial credits are Swept up by Christmas for Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel and the horror movies Terror Train 1 & 2 for Tubi and Crave.